Product Description :
Online's range of electromagnetic receiver systems, when used in conjunction with an electromagnetic transmitter, provide a means of tracking and locating a stuck pig with pinpoint accuracy in an onshore or offshore pipeline carrying any medium. This can lead to significant savings in operational time and costs. The system can also be used as a contingency method, in addition to a non-intrusive signaller, to confirm pig launch and receipt.

Hand held, ROV and diver held options are available to suit a wide range of operations.
Features and Benefits :

When used for pig locating the inherent “Null Spot” of the transmitter can be detected allowing the location of the transmitter to be determined with an accuracy of a few centimetres.
System is comprised of a 3002X topside receiver and 3003X hand-held antenna.
The 3002X is housed in an ATEX IECEX, Zone 1 Aluminium explosive proof enclosure.
The 3003X is housed in a stainless steel and includes a 5 or 10 metre cable.
The receiver includes an audio output socket allowing the operating to listen to the received signal using the supplied ATEX certified headset.
The 22Hz signal level is indicated on an analogue meter and high brightness LEDSs on the end of the antenna.
The user can adjust the sensitivity to allow them to locate the null spot and subsequently the pig.

Model No. Topside ATEX
Frequency 22Hz
Battery Life 35 hours
Battery Type 2x ALKALINE C Cells
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to 54°C (-4°F to +129°F )
Length 285mm (11.2")
Width 267mm (10.5")
Height 160mm (6.3")
Weight 13kg (28.7lbs)
Length 355mm (14")
Width 51mm (2")
Weight 4kg (8.8lbs)


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