Product Description :
MEG ARTS® is specifically designed for pre-commissioning of pipelines where lines require chemical conditioning in preparation for transportation of gas.The system measures the density of Mono-ethylene glycol or other chemicals in real time at the pipeline end termination for conformity with project specific requirements. Density, pressure and temperature data is displayed and logged for later analysis.

Up to 6 samples can be captured from the conditioning train for laboratory analysis and further validation of logged data if required.

MEG ARTS® Online has addressed the challenge of cost-effectively and accurately confirming successful conditioning of gas pipelines in real time.
Features and Benefits :
  • Displays real time pressure, temperature and density data.
  • Graphical summary of pipeline conditioning operation.
  • Automatic sampling eliminates need for vessel at, or transit to, receive location resulting in vessel cost savings.
  • Optional directed sampling by ROV in using single sample ROV operated switch.
  • Pipeline conditioning assured through real time data, logged data and physical sampling.
  • Removal of industry reliance on theoretical calculations.
Model No. MEG ARTS®
Maximum Operating Depth 3000m (9842ft)
Operating Temperature Range -5°C to +30°C (+23°F to +86°F)
Battery Life >10 days
Weight in air 500kg (1100lbs)
Overall dimensions 1250 mm x 900 mm x 410 mm
Technical Data / User Manual
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