Product Description :
Online's GRID® system allows the presence and position of defects along a subsea pipeline to be identified. This is achieved by running a pig fitted with a GRID® transducer and gauge plate through the line. The transducer monitors the condition of the gauge plate and reports condition remotely by transmitting coded acoustic pulses at ranges of up to 1km. Once decoded using Online's Audioscope software, the location of any defects can be determined.

Optional Automatic Resetting Gauging Fingers (ARGF) allow multiple defects to be detected and logged on a gauging run.
Features and Benefits :
  • No need to recover the pig to visually inspect the gauge plate, or run an intelligent pig.
  • Signals the time the defect was detected and using the pumping data an approximate position of the defect can be established.
  • The system can be easily customised to transmit the requested data at the desired time and over the desired duration according to client specifications.
  • Can be configured with a pressure switch that activates the system once pipeline pressure exceeds a set threshold meaning that the system can be installed inside a wet pipeline at atmospheric pressure in advance of the required activation date.
Model No. GRID®
800 series GRID® Pinger
Typical Battery Life 20 to 50 days
Length 350mm (12.6")
Diameter 73mm (2.9")
External Pressure Rating 450bar (6527Psi)
1200 series GRID® Pinger
Typical Battery Life 60 to 150 days
Length 417mm (17")
Diameter 114mm(4.4")
External Pressure Rating 300bar (4531Psi)
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