Product Description :
Foam pigs are extremely functional pigs designed to be used for pipeline cleaning, scraping or drying. The design consists of a flexible, bullet shaped polyurethane foam cylinder and the rear is concave to allow more pressure to be exerted. This creates a tighter seal against the pipe wall and helps prevent by-pass of the propelling agent, eliminating product contamination.

Foam pigs are available in high, medium & low density specifications and the nature of the application will determine which density is selected. For example for longer runs with multiple turns and tough cleaning action, a high density pig would be preferred whereas for drying and light cleaning operations, a low density may be deemed appropriate.
Features and Benefits :
  • Non-ferrous brush – nylon brush or Velcro for use on internally coated pipelines.
  • Stainless steel wire brush.
  • Single spiral coated.
  • Gauging facility – with or without aluminium gauge plate.
  • High strength magnets for tracking facilities.
  • By-pass facility – pluggable.
  • Polyurethane scraper blades.
  • Extra long – for extended sealing applications.
  • Extra short – for ball valve or launching & receiving facilities.
Technical Data / User Manual
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