Product Description :
Online's EMTx20 series of 22Hz electromagnetic transmitters are fitted to pigs to allow locating and tracking in any onshore and offshore pipeline including buried pipelines, pipelines carrying gas or liquid and in pipeline bundles. The transmitters can be customised as required - for example the transmitter power level can be adjusted to achieve the optimum balance between signal strength and battery life. Additionally different pulse rates allow for differentiation within a pig train.

An inherent electromagnetic null spot is detectable using an electromagnetic antenna meaning that the operator can confirm the location of the transmitter to within a few centimetres. This greatly reduces vessel and operational downtime by facilitating the process of locating a stuck pig or confirming if a pig has left the launcher or been successfully received.
Features and Benefits :
  • Designed for pipe sizes of 4"-8".
  • ATEX & IECEX rated allowing it to be used in pipelines with hazardous area classifications.
  • The transmitter can be adapted to become the pig body by fitting pig discs. This effectively increases the received signal as it no longer needs to propagate through the pig body in addition to the pipeline wall.
  • USB End Cap allows the transmitter parameters such as pulse rate, pulse width and power output to be modified by the user using the OEL EMTx Configuration Software without the need to return the unit to Online Electronics, providing additional flexibility.
  • Battery life can be conserved with the addition of a pressure switch or magnetic End Cap, allowing pigs to be loaded months in advance of the operation.
  • Can be interfaced with an external piece of equipment such as an Online Smart Gauge Plate to confirm the integrity of any pipeline.
  • Can be manufactured with a titanium housing for high pressure applications.
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