E1EX-U QuickStop-Ex

Product Description :
Ex db I/ IIC, Ex eb I/IIC, Ex tb IIIC, Ex nR IIC
Dual Seal for Unfilled Multi Armoured Cable
Features and Benefits :
  • For indoors, outdoors, Group I underground mining, Group II and Group III hazardous areas.
  • For unfilled hygroscopic multicore cables refer to IEC 60079-14; 9.3.2 and 10.6.2a, IEC 61892-7, 10.6 and 10.7
  • Freely rotating captive cone and inspectible cone ring an armour clamp and earth bond on steel wire, aluminium, braid and tape armour.
  • Precision manufactured from high-quality brass (Marine Grade Electroless Nickel Plated™) or stainless steel 316/316L.
  • Patented disconnect system that allows inspection of armour clamp and inner seal after assembly.
  • Instantly mixed and injected Resin forms a 100% barrier seal around the individual cores of the cable.
  • Prevents explosive gases and/or liquids transmitting down the cable.
  • Complete with thread sealing gasket.
Optional Accessories / Tools
Technical Data / User Manual
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