Product Description :
Bi-directional pigs are designed to be used for the displacement of water or air during hydrostatic testing and are commonly used throughout pre-commissioning of a newly constructed pipeline as well as during routine cleaning.

Our range of bi-directional pigs are available in sizes from 2” up to 60” with a variety of body constructions available, allowing the tools to pass 1.5D radius bends and negotiate full bore branches.

As standard, the pigs are supplied with two support/guide discs which assist with loading and centralisation in the pipeline and four sealing discs which drive, seal and scrape. Extra discs can be added if the scraper is to be used over long distances (>150km) or the pipeline conditions are particularly arduous.
Features and Benefits :
  • Brush pigs – designed to remove debris and deposits from the pipeline. The pigs are supplied with carbon steel, polypropylene or nylon brushes and offer excellent cleaning qualities. All of our brush pigs are provided with by-pass ports which allow removed debris to be flushed clear of the discs and brushes.
  • Gauging pigs – designed to prove the pipeline is laid as specified, gauging pigs are vital to the pre-commissioning process. When combined with an Online Electronics GRID system, the approximate position of a defect in the pipeline can be established. The gauge plates are manufactured from 6mm thick aluminium and machined to the client’s specified order.
  • Tracking Device Housing – All of our bi-directional pipeline pigs can be designed to house an Online Electronics tracking device such as an acoustic pinger or electromagnetic transmitter. This enables quick and accurate tracking and locating of a stalled pig, resulting in significant savings in time and therefore cost.
  • Magnets – Magnetic pigs can be used to remove ferrous debris from the inside of the pipeline or to operate magnetic non-intrusive signallers such as Online’s 4001D.
Technical Data / User Manual
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