Product Description :
Online’s 1200 series acoustic pingers enable quick and accurate locating of a stalled pig in a liquid line, leading to significant savings in vessel time and therefore costs.

The pingers are highly configurable and can be custom-made with different ping rates and frequencies as per the client’s specifications. This allows for differentiation between pigs within a pig train and can also be used to extend the battery life.

The 1200 series pingers are activated once immersed in fluid; thus allowing them to be loaded months in advance of the flooding operation. The pingers are capable of sending acoustic transmissions over distances of several kilometres, dependent upon unit configuration, mounting arrangement and environmental conditions.
Features and Benefits :
  • Designed for pipe sizes of 12 inches and upwards.
  • High power output available providing an increase in range of up to 25%.
  • Can be configured with a pressure switch that activates once the external pressure exceeds a set threshold value meaning the pinger can be installed inside a wet pipeline at atmospheric pressure in advance of the required activation date.
  • Can be interfaced with an external piece of equipment such as an Online Smart Gauge Plate to confirm the integrity of a subsea pipeline or to transmit pressure readings over long range using Online's 6000 subsea logger.
Technical Data / User Manual
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